Raising a Bun with a Daily Life System Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Attacks
Translator: lazysoozan (@2323bloopboop)

The word “chip” hadn’t even left his mouth when Vice-Captain Li’s eyes opened sharply and his mouth dropped opened. His body quickly dissolved and disappeared in an instant….

Yuan Xi was dumbfounded. What’s going on here? Why…how did he die?

He just said a word, no, no. He didn’t even finish saying a word, and the man died so suddenly. What he said was so powerful, how could he have lived for 24 years and never known this power?

At his side was the yellow-haired youth, who apparently knew much more than Yuan Xi. Yuan Xi saw him trembling like how one shakes a sifter. The scene before was obviously very scary.

Yuan Xi was also instantly vigilant. Unfortunately, it was obvious something must have happened. He quickly put away the remote control that had fallen beside him.

The thought had just flashed in his mind, when two figures suddenly boarded the car and sat behind the driver’s seat in a flash of shadow. Both the yellow-haired youth and Yuan Xi instantly felt something hard against the backs of their heads.

It goes without saying what it was.

Yuan Xi did not dare turn his head. He only heard a very sharp voice behind him command: “Drive!”

At that moment, the yellow-haired youth was scared to the point of peeing. He was so scared he couldn’t even move his body and he couldn’t start the car.

Yuan Xi was very anxious, but he couldn’t speak out for fear that the two scoundrels would directly kill them. However, the psychological quality of the yellow-haired youth really was poor; his hands were shaking for a long time, and he was distracted (from fear) to start the car.

The hoodlums behind them became angry: “Quickly if you don’t want to die!”

As soon as they said this, the yellow-haired youth couldn’t endure any longer. Yuan Xi knew the situation was not good. The scoundrels had already lost his patience. Yuan Xi helplessly watched in terror as the the yellow-haired youth dissolved right in front of his eyes.

At such close range, Yuan Xi almost vomited from nausea, but he endured much in the past and his nerves were much stronger than those of ordinary people. He was stunned, but endured with all his will and calmed down.

When the driver died, someone else had to drive. The scoundrel pointed his weapon at Yuan Xi and said sharply: “You go and drive.”

Yuan Xi should be reading this at bbmtls.wordpress.com. Translator is lazysoozan.

Yuan Xi swore at his mother in his heart, driving your sister*, laozi** can only drive a bicycle! But at this time, he could not show it. If he did not move quickly, he would die here.

Yuan Xi did not hesitate to sit in the driver’s seat, TMD***, he’s never even driven a regular car but now he has to drive a flying car. Laozi’s luck is really not so good.

Yuan Xi looked down at the operating panel. Fortunately, in this future society, the high-tech gadgets are increasingly human-oriented and intuitive. He glanced at it and was automatically dragged into a racing system. Didn’t he once drive a go-kart or a bumper car?

Yuan Xi just got the car moving when he heard a “drop” sound and then a “Congratulations, driving has been activated.” An interface then popped up. Yuan Xi no longer worried as much now. He just clicked the “confirm”, and the aerodyne (flying car) wildly rushed out.

The car accelerated sharply, sending the scoundrels in the backseat reeling. A sharp voice immediately started cursing, clamouring to kill Yuan Xi. But the other man with a lower voice stopped him: “Bazi! Shut the fuck up! See to this kid, and I’ll deal with the bunch of federal dogs behind us.”

The man called Bazi really shut up, and pressed his weapon against Yuan Xi’s head. In a harsh voice, he said: “The destination is Port 1007 in Linyang District. Drive quickly and don’t play any tricks, and we’ll leave you a life when we get there.”

Yuan Xi looked neither left nor right. He knew in his heart that the two men had just killed the policeman. They must have stirred up some trouble with the police force, and the police patrol were sure to catch up. However, Yuan Xi did not dare to hope for rescue with his luck.

Not mentioning anything else, even if he were rescued, he was essentially an old antique without any identification papers. There was an 80% chance the policemen would regard him as their accomplice. At that time, even eight mouths would not be able to explain the situation clearly.

But, Yuan Xi will not naively believe what those two criminals said. What leave you a life or something when you get there; that translates to killing you when you’re useless. Let you live? Those two criminals would kill him without the slightest hesitation. Unless he’s possessed by the Virgin Mary, he’ll definitely be killed.  

Yuan Xi took a deep breath. Thousands of ideas circled in his mind. He could not pander to the policemen, but he definitely could not believe those two scoundrels. What on earth should he do?

Yuan Xi took a deep breath. Thousands of ideas circled in his mind. He could not pander to the policemen, but he definitely could not believe those two scoundrels. What on earth should he do?

Yuan Xi should be reading this at bbmtls.wordpress.com. Translator is lazysoozan.

Yuan Xi looked at the navigation map in front of him. They arrived in Linyang District. Port 1007 is near the atmosphere. At their present speed, they’ll certainly be able to arrive in about a minute.

Additionally, the policemen were chasing them. However, the two weapons the criminals had are so powerful that they can sustain battle for this long. Yuan Xi was very anxious. If they arrived at the harbor, there must be some people who would support the two criminals. By that time, he would not have any opportunities to resist.

Wait…Yuan Xi suddenly remembered what the yellow-haired youth said. This is Beijing. The airspace defense system is one of the best in the whole federation. Therefore, there are certainly won’t be too many people to help these scoundrels, and they’ll likely stand out.

But now that these two criminals were making such a fuss, the nearest port is bound to be sealed off. How could these two scoundrels escape in such a situation?


He was violently pulled and Yuan Xi’s  body was dragged from the driver’s seat. He shielded his head and body was struck with a hard object. It was very painful, but he likely only sustained bruises.

He rolled under the co-pilot’s seat. The scoundrel named Bazi swore at him and grabbed the driver’s seat. He rapidly tapped the operating panel with both hands, then slid a thin pipe that was as long as chopsticks into a slot.

Yuan Xi’s sharp eyes noticed that after the pipe was inserted, the energy that was originally consumed by the aerodyne was instantaneously refilled, showing a bright red color that looked as if it were about to burst. Although he didn’t know anything, it was clear to him that the aerodyne could not bear the full fury of this power.

But, the criminal did not care at all. He stopped attacking Yuan Xi’s back, climbed into the driver’s seat, and buckled his seat belt. Yuan Xi screamed in his heart, then climbed into the co-pilot’s seat and buckled the seat belt.

He had just settled when he was walloped by a tremendous impact. The super high speed of the flying car made him feel an intense tearing force throughout his body. If he had not secured himself in the co-pilot’s seat at the last minute, he would have been thrown out of the car and died.

After a lingering moment of fear, he noticed the flying car had stopped. When Yuan Xi looked at the situation, it suddenly became clear to him.

Yuan Xi should be reading this at bbmtls.wordpress.com. Translator is lazysoozan.

He was right to guess that the two men wanted to leave the planet, but no one actually came to their aid. So, they chose a simpler and more brutal approach.


There was a civilian starship, about 50 meters long, carrying about 50 passengers. It wasn’t a very large starship, or in the view of the federation. It was the most common type of ship, usually used as some fixed-route passenger ship.

The two criminals carefully considered the matter, and chose this starship. When the passenger ship was first developed, its attack power was infinitely close to zero but tended to have protective shields and high maneuverability at high speeds. And because it’s a passenger ship, passengers have to go through strict security checks before boarding. Passengers were not allowed to carry any offensive weapons inside the ship.

The two criminals chose such a starship as there was no threat to them. As long as they could infiltrate the starship, it can be easily captured by just the two of them. Moreover, there were more than 50 hostages free of charge, which is the best way for them to escape from Beijing.

Yuan Xi naturally did not know this. After getting out of the flying car, the two criminals instantly gained control of the passenger ship. Yuan Xi took advantage of the fact that they weren’t paying attention to him to find a place to hide.

The starship passengers were initially panicked and frightened, but were restrained by the powerful weapons. In this era, the human body has not greatly evolved. On the other hand, the rapid development of science and technology produced increasingly high-tech weapons. Without protective measures, it was too easy to destroy humans.

So, no one wanted to challenge these two criminals.

As Yuan Xi quietly watched, no one was killed or injured, which helped calm his anxiety. Although these people were strangers to him and were unlikely to have anything to do with him in the future, they were still human beings. They weren’t any different from the people he knew. He couldn’t indifferently watch as these people died.

But, no one died at this time. After all, they need these hostages [alive] in exchange for the chance to escape the planet.

Yuan Xi just couldn’t figure it out. How did they break into the starship so easily? The moment passed so quickly. He only felt a strong, dizzying pull, but he was not conscious of anything else, let alone see anything. There was just a flash, and then he was inside the starship. It was like…it was like teleportation!

Yuan Xi should be reading this at bbmtls.wordpress.com. Translator is lazysoozan.

Is it possible? Yuan Xi is not sure of how far science and technology developed.

At the criminals’ demands, the starship’s power system was activated and the starship was ready to launch.

At the same time, they also negotiated with the policemen who pursued them outside.

Yuan Xi has seen such scenes on TV all of his life, but did not expect to personally experience this scene. All he could feel was: What the fuck!

His heart was angry, but his mind was unusually calm. Are these two scum really going to let go of this starship? And what did they do? They were only two people yet they could escape from so many pursuers and hijack a starship.

Additionally, a terrible thought wandered into Yuan Xi’s mind. These two criminals were definitely not so simple as to rob money to make a fuss. They must have committed a serious crime. Under such circumstances, will those who negotiated with them let them go?

As soon as he thought that, he heard the scoundrel named Bazi shout in anger, then sharply ask: “Fengyun, you federal lackey, you’re ignoring the lives of the 50 people on this ship!”


Cough…Classmate Yuan Xiaoxi, take your time, there are still children in your stomach.


* Chinese swear   
~Literal translation: “Your sister”

~Literal translation 巴子: “male genitals” vs Buzz? LOL I thought this was a curse word at first until I saw the next paragraph, which referred to “Bazi”

** an arrogant/angry way of referring to yourself

*** Popular online Pinyin acronym of a Chinese insult Tā Mā De, which literally means “his mother’s”

***** I had such a hard time with this phrase! 汽车没开过就先开飞车 basically translates to “drive fast before the car has passed” or “drive the car before it is opened” or “if the car doesn’t drive, drive the flyer first”???? I guess the gist was that he was gonna wing it, so that’s what I put. If I am wrong, please let me know! Shout out to commenters “xr” and “Kate” for the help! 😀

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T/N: Again, this is all from MTL. I don’t know a lick of Chinese, so if there are mistakes, please let me know!

LOL, when the Vice-captain and driver dissolved, I was so puzzled. I thought it was a translation issue, before I realized they actually, literally dissolved… @.@

Whew, took ~3 hours to finish ~4.5 pages (유.유) Praise and affirm meeeeeeeee.
Ahem, anyway, hope people enjoyed this!

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  1. Initially same thoughts as you.. puzzled am I reading it right? dissolved??
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    1. Hahah that moment of realization
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    1. Oh, I didn’t even think of that! What an awesome comparison! I imagined more of like…dissolving into a gross, gooey mess but dissolving into ash is much neater LOL

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  5. Thanks for picking this up!!!

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    1. Thank you, it’s my pleasure! Haha, you and me both! I had to go back to chapter 2 to make sure I didn’t miss anything lol.

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  6. Thank you for picking it up. When I read dissolved I thought the policeman had just ducked out of sight quickly or teleported away because of him saying he did not have a chip. Therefore could be dangerous or a pirate and should be treated with caution 😅 then realised nope, actual pirates

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    1. LOL right? I was so taken aback while translating when I realized that the people who dissolved literally dissolved. Like, the taxi driver? I thought he metaphorically dissolved in fear, but nope! He literally dissolved and dissipated into nothingness!


  7. Thanks for the translation! I’m looking forward to this!!

    I rather hate MC’s whose first reaction when faced with new stimuli is to act shock.
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      1. Just press the previous button on the bottom of ch 3, and it will redirect you to ch 2 or go to the TOC page and the link to ch 1-2 will redirect you to XIIN’s translation

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  8. Thank you for your hard work!!

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  9. I hope you find a second translator who does know how to read chinese. Thanks for picking this novel up. I was hoping for an actual translator who is studying mandarin at least, but I guess we have you now with this mtl version.

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